Stereobikes 2016 SALE

Stereobikes Flash 2016
39000 р   35000 р
Our head honcho the Flash 2016 yet another year breaks all boundries for what we call a one of kind complete biycle motocross steed. The word complete does... Больше

Stereobikes Plug In 2016
31000 р   29500 р
The Plug in 2016 steps you up into heaven of advanced rider technology. With a fact we can say its one of our best breed we ever created in the house of... Больше

Stereobikes Speaker 2016
19500 р   17500 р
Since the beginning our all time favorite Speaker was a top seller in our range. You know why ? its a regular 20 inch bmx bike but downsized for smaller... Больше

Stereobikes Speaker Plus 2016
20000 р   18000 р
Years after we came out with our succesful Speaker bike we were asked a lot of times, why you do not come out with a lil bigger one. And you know what, we... Больше

Stereobikes Treble 2016
35000 р   31000 р
The Treble 2016 is yet another way beyond pro level bike which give you everything you need for a right out of a box pro level twenty incher. With a state... Больше

Stereobikes Wire 2016
32000 р   30000 р
To round up our advanced line of completes the Wire 2016 gives you all you need to step up into next riding level. We had the top ambitioned advanced... Больше