Stereo bikes

Stereo bikes Electro 2017
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Модель Electro является верхней моделью в обойме немецкого бренда Stereo bikes, этому способствует качественное изготовление деталей из высокопрочных... More

Stereo Bikes Electro Black Chrome
36800 р   23900 р
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To celebrate our 10th anniversary we did something amazing and brought out our Electro 2018 in a very new outfit. Shorter rear ends makes it even more easy... More

Stereo bikes Flash 2015
45300 р   27500 р
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  Stereo's head honcho is pretty hard to beat. Featuring great spec like the eye catching Stereo "Guardian" Full Guard Sprocket, 9.5" Stereo "Hard 4... More

Stereo bikes Plug In
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FRAME  NEW 4130 100% sanko Chromoly DT, 20.75″TT/13.20″CS, NEW Top and Down Tube Frame Gussetts with Stamped Stereo... More

Stereo bikes Plug In Barrique Matt Trans Burgundy
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Frame height 53 cm Top and down tube with embossed stereo "Pyramid" logo, integrated seat post clamp, detachable cable guides and brake mounts, 20.75... More

Stereo Bikes Wire Tequilla Sunrise RAW
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Модель Wire занимает промежуточное положение между Speaker и Treble, по сути являясь средней моделью в линейке. Основные трубы рамы изготовлены из... More

Stereobikes Plug In
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FRAME 4130 100% Sanko Chromoly DT / Removable Pivots & Guides / Wider Frame,    FORK Stereo (Mono) 1020 100% Hi-ten / 2pc Steer... More