Mutantbikes EVO 2SIX V2 FORK 15

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We have made some changes at the Evo 2Six fork to become stronger. Instead of laser cut, the dropouts now have a CNC machined logo to avoid cracks. The drilling in the steering tube was reduced.

MATERIAL: Full 20/20 heat treatment, triple butted taped with Ø31,8 to Ø25mm offset legs
STEER TUBE: Externally and internally CNC machined, integrated cone race, 175mm length
TOP BOLT: Aluminium CNC Pre-load bolt with Mutantbikes logo, 30gr. / 1.05oz
OFFSET: 31mm
DROPOUTS: 5mm thick, machined CNC logo, 10mm / ⅜” only
FEATURES: Length from the dropout till the cone race is 420mm
COLORS: Flat black, gloss sun rise and flat dark purple
WEIGHT: 1220gr. / 43.03oz (w/o top bolt)

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