Stereo “Centauri” Rear Hub

Цена: 5100 р

The Stereo Bikes "Centauri" Cassette Hub is a high quality cassette hub and includes 14mm CrMo hollow axle and sealed bearings. The Stereo Bikes "Centauri" Cassette Hub includes 8mm allen bolts (10mm) and Volcano washers which offers a clean look. We also got the right Stereo Bikes "Slider Rear" Hubguard for you in our shop.

Facts Stereo Bikes "Centauri" Cassette Hub

  • Material
    Body: Aluminium, 36H 
    Axle: CrMo
  • Axle: Female, 14mm CrMo Hohlachse, 10mm Bolts, 8mm allen key
  • Driver: 9T
  • Bearing: sealed bearing



weight: (front) 255gr (rear) 469gr , color : black ( LHD ONLY ), gun metal ( RHD ONLY )